digitaal naar dia of negatief



OFOTO (formerly FOTODOMUS) provides you with the service to transfer your digital files to negative film or slide positive. Our supplier has a POLAROID 8000 film recorder. This is one of the best film recorders ever made. The machine can deliver a maximum resolution of 8192 x5464 pixels. 


We transfer digital images to 35 mm film for you. This can be a slide film, or a normal negative film for printing photos. Slide or negative film is delivered developed, cut or in strips. Slides are not taken in!
If desired, you can receive a non-developed film.
We only use Kodak film.


PRICES and delivery conditions (including film and development, including VAT, excluding € 8.05 shipping costs)
€ 4.95 per digital photo to film or slide.
Start-up costs for film and development: € 25. These start-up costs are canceled with an order of 30 or more recordings.
Prepayment by VAT invoice sent to you.
Take into account a delivery time of 14 working days!


You can submit your digital files via wetransfer.com. With some files it is also possible by email.
Use an RGB color setting and not CMYK.
The files are recorded on film in a ratio of 3: 2.
If your files deviate from this, we will have to include them in a reduced format, with a black border; to still display the entire image.


Pixels and DPI:
Provide a maximum number of pixels in a digital file, of course without increasing.
 We recommend a minimum of 1800 x 1200 pixels for the best result. For a film recorder, the number of pixels is the only thing that counts; the DPI (dots per inch) value does not matter. You will not see a difference in quality between, for example, 72 dpi or 300 dpi, as long as the number of pixels (for example 1800 x 1200) is the same.
We will record a portrait digital photo on film, to get it full screen. In principle, we record all digital files filling the screen, as long as the 3: 2 ratio is maintained.
If you want it differently, let us know.


Send files to info@ofoto.nl or for large numbers, use www.wetransfer.com

(I always want an advance payment anyway. Via the webshop you pay securely and you immediately receive a VAT invoice)

If you have any questions, you can also call 06-27172206 (Ray)